About Ang Ku Kueh

Best Ang Ku Kueh in Singapore

Ang Ku Kueh (红龟粿), also known by other names such as Ang Koo Kueh, Ang Ku Kuih, Ang Koo Kuih, Angku Kueh, is a traditional Chinese snack with its origin from Fujian, China. The name Ang Ku Kueh is the Hokkien pronunciation for “Red Turtle Cake”, direct reference to its look like a small red turtle. Red, flat, oval-shaped with a turtle shell imprint, this form of Chinese cake is made from rice flour skin stuffed with peanuts or bean paste. Think of it as the Chinese version of the Japanese rice flour snack mochi, but with a much  longer tradition.

Ang Ku Kueh is an essential snack for joyous occasions and celebrations eg. a baby’s first month celebration (also known as full moon 满月celebration). Particularly popular with Teochews, Hokkiens and Hakkas in Southern China, and also Taiwanese, Malaysians and Singaporeans, people eat and distribute Ang Ku Kueh as gifts during joyous occasions and also eaten as snacks any time of the day.

Of particular significance is the colour red, which signifies good luck and auspiciousness; and turtle signifies longevity. Ang Ku Kueh thus bears the double meaning of auspiciousness and longevity, well-suited for every joyous occasion.


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