Baby Full Month | Occasions for Ang Ku Kueh

Occasions for Ang Ku Kueh | Best Ang Ku Kueh in Singapore

Ang Ku Kuehs are usually eaten and distributed during the following occasions :

Baby Full Month – Parents are most happy to celebrate the first month of life for their newborn baby (also known as Full Moon in Chinese), which also coincides with the emergence of the mother from her one-month confinement period. Extended family members and friends are invited to the celebration, before which the baby will go through a series of rituals to be bathed and dressed up, before being introduced to the guests. Ang Ku Kuehs and red eggs are distributed as gifts to the guests to celebrate the occasion and share the joy of good luck, blessings and longevity for the baby.

Chinese New Year – The beginning of the lunar new year and an important festival in Chinese culture. To celebrate the starting of a new year and wishing for a good year ahead, people would pray to Chinese dieties with sweet rice cakes such as Ang Ku Kuehs. This is in the hope that the dieties’ mouths would be sweeten and will only speak good about the family, and will bless the family members in the year to come. It is also customary that Chinese prefer to display and deal with all things red during the Chinese New Year. The Ang Ku Kueh thus serve as the idea delicacy to be displayed and offered to guests during this festival.

Elder’s Birthday - According to Chinese tradition, it is of great significance to celebrate one’s birthdays after 60 year’s old. This is because 60 years is one complete cycle of the combination of heavenly branch and earthly stem, known as 六十甲子. Ang Ku Kuehs are prepared for such birthday celebration, and the number of Ang Ku Kueh prepared corresponds to the age of the birthday elder with an additional 12. For example, an elder who celebrates his 60th birthday would have 72 Ang Ku Kuehs for celebration. The number 12 is derived from the complete cycle to cover all the 12 animal zodiacs, and as a wish that the elder will have good fortune, blessings and longevity.

Chinese Dieties’ Birthdays – On the birthday of the respective Chinese dieties eg. the Sky God, the Earth God, Goddess of Mercy, the believers will offer prayers with food and incense, and Ang Ku Kuehs are important snacks to signify the auspiciousness of the occasions, while at the same time, as a symbolic request for good luck and longevity for the person’s family members.

As Ang Ku Kueh is now a common snack being sold at many pastry shops, bakeries and food stalls, nowadays people eat it as a snack any time of the day, eg. for breakfast.


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