Ang Ku Kueh – The Origin

Origins of Ang Ku Kueh | Best Ang Ku Kueh in SingaporeThe origins of Ang Ku Kueh traces back to centuries ago in Fujian, a province in Southern China. In ancient days, the Chinese would offer live turtles as moon cakes for rituals. However, as turtles were not easy to come by and eventually there was shortage of supply, people then turned to making rice cakes with turtle imprints to substitute the live turtles for such rituals. Edible red dye was used to coat these cakes as a symbol of good luck and auspiciousness. The shape of the cake and its imprint which made it look like a turtle, thus gotten it the name Red Turtle Cake – Ang Ku Kueh in Hokkien.

As turtles are known to have long lives, Ang Ku Kuehs were then increasingly being featured also in other joyous celebrations to signify and wish for longevity for the individuals.  Eventually, the feasting and distribution of Ang Ku Kuehs during occasions, like a baby’s first month (also known as full moon) celebration and birthday of an elder, became a norm as the family shares in the blessing of the baby’s or elder’s wish for sustained blessings and longevity.

Today, Ang Ku Kueh is a common snack found in Southern China, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore. Other than being eaten and distributed during joyous occasions, people also eat it as a snack any time of the day, eg. for breakfast.

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